About Me

Hello everyone — My name is Chris and I am a CPA from Long Island, NY. I started this blog because of the realization that I do not want to work as a tax accountant forever. As a result, I wanted to know how to be financially independent.

Now, I know I have options — I don’t need to work in public accounting forever.  But it goes slightly deeper than that. 

I always felt that the 9 to 5 grind was a losers game, and even more so as a Millennial.  Increased hours and decreasing pay have led many to the point where they are unable to save any money at all and stress levels are rising.

Even if your job is not strenuous, physically or mentally, after a long day of work, going home and trying to do anything productive feels like a chore.  How many people do you know that go home, order take-out for dinner, and watch Netflix the rest of the night? I bet you know a lot who do. 

The majority of people will only work to live, live to work, and spend all they have.  As such, it is no secret that nearly 80% of Americans feel they will not have enough to retire on [source].

What will I do about it?

These facts have led me to want to be ahead of the curve.  I want to put myself in a position where I am not ‘working to live and living to work’. However, the problem is I didn’t know how to achieve this goal.  Over the course of this next year I will be reading, learning, and preparing myself to achieve my financial independence.

Learning, together, how to be financially independent

This blog will be a learning tool for myself and everyone who reads it. I will be doing all the preparation work and writing about it as I go.  My intent is to give people a more direct and meaningful view of what goes into achieving financial independence rather than just saying “save money”. I will walk you through the steps I have taken, why I took them, and what I will be doing next.

If you’re ready to get started,  head on over to my first blog post.

I hope you will learn with me.